Day Camps

Here at GoodCityLiving, we recognize and respect that different kids flourish in different environments. Having enrolled our own kids at many New York area day camps, we’ve seen firsthand that what makes one child happy would make a different child miserable. Please keep this in mind as you read our reviews. Most of the camp experiences you will read about are good, but some are bad. The knowledge we are sharing with you about bad camp experiences was hard won and very expensive since our own kids, or the children of our parent contributors, were enrolled in those camps.

We recognize that what we, or our fellow parent contributors, found appalling may not faze another family. For instance, at one of our boy’s camp’s we were horrified to see the nature counselor take a group of 5-year-olds on a hike through dense brush in tick infested woods and we wouldn’t let our child go on the hike. Another mother wasn’t concerned in the least and said she would just check her child for ticks when they got home.

We also recognize that NYC parents are in dire need of truthful, unbiased information about local day camps so that they can make the best choices for their children. We are here to provide you with that information. If there is anything you would like to share about your child’s camp we welcome your input. Please email us at Let us know the name of your child’s camp, location, what you liked about the camp, what you didn’t like, what your child liked about the camp and what your child didn’t like. Thanks!